Shine Adelaide Program

Mark wants existing infrastructure repaired, upgraded and manicured in the Square Mile, North Adelaide and the Park Lands.

In fact, his plan would be to literally shine the light on our stunning Park Lands and iconic heritage buildings by illuminating Park Land fringes and heritage buildings at night.

Mark wants Adelaide’s electricals undergrounded in all residential and commercial streets in the Square Mile and North Adelaide.

Once underground, Mark’s plan would be to plant large shade trees including the beautiful plane tree. These shade trees would be able to grow in all their natural majesty, without the threat of being hacked mercilessly to avoid power lines. Mark wants to see the plane tree as one of Adelaide's signature trees as part of his 'One capital city - One cohesive place' approach.

Mark wants Council to appoint a City Arborist.

Their job; to fight for a fair share of resources for the City’s existing street and Park Lands trees so they can ensure our trees are watered, fertilized and pruned and that they don't die or decline and get taken out. Also, to ensure that dead trees are promptly replaced.

Mark’s Shine Adelaide is also about consistency.

Mark wants Adelaide City Council to stop using ill-matching brick footpaths, street furniture and signage. He argues for the adoption of one set of high quality, uniquely designed palette of fixtures and fittings thereby promoting a cohesive “Adelaide feel". Mark believes that Council should stick to one design rather than keep adding to the hotch-potch of cheap short-term fixtures throughout the city and North Adelaide. The existing approach is ill-befitting of South Austalia's capital city. This is part of Mark's 'One capital city - One cohesive place' approach.

Mark wants to list and upgrade unlisted heritage buildings.

An important part of Shine Adelaide is to list and facilitate the upgrading of all worthy unprotected heritage buildings in the city and North Adelaide. Council should use grants and work with building owners to upgrade and light visible parts of heritage buildings on important streets. Council should also establish a rolling fund to acquire, restore and re-sell at risk heritage buildings subject to land management agreements requiring the buildings' retention This occurs in Melbourne. 

Mark has plans to take Rundle Mall to a new level of excellence by making its heritage shine.

Mark wants to take Rundle Mall and its environs to even greater levels of success. 

Mark argues that building regulations should be revised so that upgrading heritage and character buildings in such streets as Rundle Mall, Rundle Street and Hindley Street, isn’t hampered by the need to comply with onerous building codes, designed for new building structures, so that upgrade costs can be contained. Mark thinks there needs to be a separate Building Code for Heritage Buildings.

This would remove one barrier to building owners and tenants restoring and re-occupying the upper vacant levels of buildings in Rundle Mall, Rundle Street and Hindley Street. There is presently more than 30,000 square metres of unused space waiting for interesting, better uses such as offices, bars and apartments.


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Authorised by Mark Hamilton of 58 Palmer Place, North Adelaide SA 5006

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