My plan for Adelaide

As Lord Mayor, I will lead the Council in setting the right platform for the future development of Adelaide. And I will do so without wasting money. To keep rates to a minimum, Council must strive for improved efficiency through good business practices. Times are tough for our ratepayers and business owners.

We must build a modern city

Globally, mid-size cities have increasing appeal. Some of our young people will always leave for bigger cities, but others are looking to stay in Adelaide if they can find opportunities. We can develop the city for them and for the people and businesses that want to move here.

 My vision:

  • Provide the infrastructure that supports modern businesses and the way they work. The “Ten Gigabit Adelaide” initiative to roll out a high-speed, high-performance fibre optic data network is a great start, but it is only the start.

  • Establish two significant Council-led entrepreneurial innovation hubs in the CBD to provide opportunities for low-cost think-tanking and collaboration.

  • Ensure the city’s infrastructure development matches modern lifestyles, interests and expectations. We must act like a mid-size city, not a big town.

  • Support and lobby for the continuing growth of cultural institutions both in the North Terrace cultural precinct and elsewhere in the CBD. We need a contemporary art gallery, city museum and a specialist concert hall. The Council should establish a city museum as occurred with great success in Brisbane.

  • Develop a tourism offering and related infrastructure and services that will make Adelaide a “must visit” destination, not just a nice place to see.


We must plan our growth

Good buildings in the wrong place are bad ideas. While change is inevitable, we can carefully plan how our city will look and how residential and commercial interests can co-exist and flourish without stifling innovation or impinging on the unique nature of the city’s original design. Adelaide’s liveable character, scale and style is an economic asset of vital importance to our city and state.

My vision is the review the development blueprint for the City and North Adelaide so as to:

  • Ensure that existing residential amenity in the Square Mile and North Adelaide is protected.

  • Encourage low to medium residential scale infill development of high quality compatible with the character and scale of existing townscapes.


We must continue to blend old and new

We can create a modern city while retaining our wonderful heritage buildings, which represent around 20% of our buildings and give us the unique appeal that cities around the world are searching for. Adelaide Oval is a perfect example of how blending old and new can be new and exciting. In an increasingly characterless world, cities which retain their built form, foster their heritage and preserve their culture are valued. This is a commercial point of difference which we will soon lose if we don’t act. We need to value what we have and dare to be different.

My vision:

  • Increase the level of heritage restoration incentives provided by the Council.

  • Provide a heritage rate rebate to owners of listed properties.

  • Create a separate, less onerous building code for heritage and character buildings. This would remove one barrier to building owners and tenants restoring and re-occupying the 30,000+ sq.m of vacant space in the upper levels of buildings; for example, in Rundle Mall, Rundle Street and Hindley Street.

  • Establish a rolling fund to acquire, restore and re-sell at-risk unlisted heritage buildings subject to land management agreements requiring the buildings' retention, as occurs in Melbourne. 


We must attract more permanent residents

The percentage of residential owner-occupiers in the city has dropped dramatically in recent years compared with rental accommodation. We must focus to a greater degree on the kind of residential development, including off-street car parking, that attracts owner-occupiers with a long-term commitment to their properties and the area, and increased money to spend with traders.

My vision:

  • Re-introduce a meaningful owner occupier residential rate rebate to encourage permanent residents back into the City and North Adelaide.

  • Encourage high quality, low-to-medium scale infill residential development compatible with existing buildings and streetscapes.

  • Require adequate car parking with new residential developments.


We must promote a fun, active Adelaide

This is vital to Adelaide’s image here, interstate and overseas.

My vision:

  • Create new festivals, street parties and community cultural and sporting events outside of Mad March.

  • Promote our small bar and café culture interstate, overseas and outside the CBD.