How to vote

1. Voting is by post only.
2. Voting forms will be posted to electors on 22-26 October 2018
3. Votes must be returned by 5pm Friday 6 November 2018


“How to vote” ideas

As the election nears, I’ve been frequently asked by electors for voting suggestions. While I have not issued a formal how to vote card, I have been prepared to suggest a few candidates to consider:

In North Ward: Elbert Brooks and Phil Martin as the two councillors to be elected

In Central Ward: Jessy Khera as one of the three councillors to be elected

In South Ward: Dr Helen Donovan as one of the two councillors to be elected

As Area Councillors: Sandy Wilkinson and Anne Moran as two of the four councillors to be elected

Remember that in each contest, you must vote for at least as many candidates as there are vacancies in your order of choice.