City Leadership

Adelaide City Council was established in 1840 to run Colonel William Light’s original City of Adelaide, namely, the Square Mile of Adelaide and North Adelaide encased in the Park Lands, based on its unique knowledge and skills of the capital city area. However, recent Councils have lacked the lord mayoral leadership, vision and confidence to do so.

If I am elected Lord Mayor, the Council will once again:

Lead: I will fight to regain Council’s rightful and respected position of leadership in planning policy, development assessment and heritage protection. That is Council’s job, not government’s. Our ratepayers, residents and business owners, with billions of dollars invested in the City and North Adelaide, deserve the greatest say in how their area is developed and managed.

Do business: Council will get back to investing in income-earning activities with a view to building a long-term income stream and reducing the reliance on rates. That is part of what made previous Councils so successful and kept ratepayers happy.

Have a vision and a way to get there: Councils cannot work without a clearly articulated and costed plan. You can read my immediate priorities for Adelaide here and my plan for setting the platform for the future here.

Think big but be accountable: Council must stop getting bogged down in minutiae and reverse a serious decline in its accountability and transparency. Currently even matters of little consequence are being dealt with in confidence, diminishing the ratepayers’ and community’s right to have a say.

Listen: Legitimate complaints from residential and business communities must not be ignored. Councils exist to lead but also to serve.

Deliver basic services: Council has stopped fixing roads and footpaths, undergrounding overhead electricals and planting large shade trees. It hasn’t fully upgraded many of our most important streets for decades.