City Leadership

 Leadership pre-requisites

• Detailed knowledge of the City of Adelaide area, its constituents and the historical workings and role of the Adelaide City Council.

• Substantial government and public administration experience.

• Successful commercial experience, as well as business education and training experience.

• Substantial chairmanship and corporate governance knowledge and experience.

• A vision for the future of the City of Adelaide area and the passion to work towards it.

• A love of the Adelaide City Council as a community based cultural institution and the enthusiasm to provide excellent and energetic community and civic leadership.


Guiding policy platform

• To list and protect all of the worthy buildings and features in the Square Mile, North Adelaide and the Park Lands which are of historical, architectural, cultural and streetscape significance, as a foundation stone for the future development of the City of Adelaide area.

• To ensure that the development plan for the City of Adelaide area requires new building development to be of a scale and design which complements and is neighbourly with existing development and streetscapes.

• To ensure that the Park Lands are protected from further building encroachment; and are otherwise in beautiful condition and upgraded for passive community use.

• To upgrade the public realm throughout the City of Adelaide area in a cohesive and high quality manner, befitting the inner capital city area, with its unique collection of historical Victorian buildings.

• To encourage business and permanent employment growth.

• To manage Adelaide City Council's business and financial affairs and the provision of council services in a responsible and cost efficient manner, always with the long term in mind.



Authorised by Mark Hamilton of 58 Palmer Place, North Adelaide SA 5006

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